**  i joined a crochet-along!  weird, i dont usually do this type of thing  ;-)    the group was put together by Vera, and once i saw the poncho i knew a friend of mine would just die to have it...

Floral Mini Poncho

clicking on the above "flower power" button will give you all the info for the crochet-along

click the poncho to go to

UPDATE - July 16
i'm done!  yay!  i know i said i was going to give this poncho to a friend of mine, but thankfully she doesnt read my blog, so i'm gonna keep it  ;-)

i thought it was gonna be too short, but once you finish all the rows it hangs just right, stretching the yarn a bit..

(see the below photo of 6 rows complete, i'm thinking of making a shrug like this poncho, i like it at both lengths)

**  the photos arent so great, i'll see if someone can take a better photo of it while i'm wearing it on vacation... correct lighting makes all the difference

UPDATE - July 02
I FOUND MY YARN!!!  its Sunsette by Plymouth Yarn... i'm a label snob, so when i touched it in my LYS last night i thought "perfect for the poncho, but it's Plymouth", so i bought just one skein, finished up 2 rounds and ran out of yarn... i loved it!!  silly me... then i had to wait until this morning to go buy more so i could keep going!

**  above is a closeup.... the color number is 25, which is light grey with a slight lavender tint... the yarn isn't stretchy along it's length, which is why i first thought it would be great for this poncho... and it is great, the stitches look great!  below is me wearing my poncho (6 rounds finished, and i'm almost done, just have to do the bottom portion on the front and back)...

**  i used an I crochet hook, one strand, and the poncho is snug fitting around my shoulders... which is good for me, i dont like loose tops... but i think it may be too short?  we'll see, maybe i'll add a row..

**  another closeup of the yarn... you can see below that the yarn has a slight shine, and it's very twisted.. which makes for nice stitch definition... so far i used 2-1/2 skeins, at $4.00 per skein, yippee!


- - - - - - FIRST YARN TEST - - - - - -

**  the crochet-along doesnt start til July 1st, but i wanted to choose the right yarn before it started... the pattern calls for Fiesta La Luz, which is OUCH $25 per skein and you need 3 of them... it's 100% silk, so i bought some yarn that was not labeled... it's either a rough silk or a blend... but it sure does shine like silk...

click here for a BIG PHOTO

and here it is stretched out on my butterfly chair
...i did the first three rounds of the pattern...

**  i'm not sure the yarn is perfect for the pattern... i want to see a few more rounds before i decide... it seems kinda "lumpy" because there's no stretch to the yarn... but maybe i'll try blocking it a bit...


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