Knitting Needle Case
any style . . . punk, retro, earthy . . .

1. find a pair of somewhat stretchy, thin jeans or a pair of corduroy pants.

2. cut the "butt" from the pants and save one leg.

3. flatten the "butt" of the pants and cut it into a rectangle, making sure that you leave the pockets and belt loops intact (mine is 14-1/2" wide x 11 1/2" tall), hem three sides, leave the top.

4. lay the pant leg horizontally along the top of the "butt" and cut it 2" longer on each side. hem the sides together making a double sided piece of fabric, press it with an iron, and sew this onto the inside of the "butt" about 1" from the top. then sew a piece of ribbon or other material about 1/3 of the way up this new flap for long needles, secure it every 3" or so.

5. find a piece of fabric for the needle pockets. i used an old shirt that was the same width as the "butt" of the pants. cut the shirt below the armholes and trim the front section 1 1/2" shorter than the back. from a saved piece of pants 1-2" wide, fold this in half lengthwise and sew it onto the front edge that you just trimmed. (this will reinforce the pockets for the needles) then sew long pockets along the shirt from top to bottom, starting at the reinforced section and going thru front and back of the shirt.

6. secure the new pockets onto the inside of the "butt". sewing along the top of the longer back piece. sew the edges of the reinforced strip to the sides and fold the shirt over the bottom of the "butt" sewing a mock hem.

7. put your needles in, fold the flap down and press it lightly with an iron to make a crease. fold the case in half and string some ribbon through the belt loops to secure.

8. voila! a very sweet needle case on the cheap!

copyright 2004 - Midnight Knitter
may be distributed freely for personal use only