christmas purse

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Knit this angular shaped purse with one ball of Jaeger Natural Fleece! Add tassels or leave it plain, either way it's so fashionable.

yarn: 1 ball
Natural Fleece

needles: US 11 and US 15
and crochet hook sizes F and I

k = knit
st(s) = stich(es)
st st = stockinette stitch

sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
beg = beginning


- with US 15 needles, cast on 34 sts
row 1 - k across
row 2 - k2, p to 2 sts from end, k2
- work above two rows for a total of 14 rows
- switch to US 11 needles
row 1 - k across
row 2 - k2, p to 2 sts from end, k2
- work above two rows for a total of 18 rows
- bind off, weave in ends

- purchase bamboo handles (or any other circular handles)
- with I crochet hook, sl st yarn to one handle, sc 18 onto handle, cut yarn and weave in ends. repeat for other handle.


- take one handle with crochet worked along it, use F crochet hook to join handle to one garter stitch edge of knitted piece: insert hook into one sc of handle and then through one "lump" at the garter edge of the knitted piece.
- now do the same with the other handle and other garter stitch edge of knitted piece.
- fold knitted piece in half with st st facing out, handles together.
- with I crochet hook, sc along both sides of bag to join, but leave open about 5 or 6 sts near the handles.

- to make tassles, use 4 strands of yarn 10" long and join to bottom corners of bag. add some extra yarn to one corner of the top handle.


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